Can Client First Help Me Sell My Lottery Payments or Annuity?


Client First offers flexible options to meet your individual needs including:

Lump Sum Payment

Do you need a large amount of money to change your financial situation? We can get you access to your future lottery payments from your winnings so you can have your money now!

Partial Payment

Would you like to have some cash but still keep your lottery payments? We can customize a solution by selling only a portion of your lottery payments. We can give you the money you need today and still maintain the security of having future payments!

Cash Advance

Do you need cash now? We may be able to provide you with a cash advance while your lottery transaction is being processed.

Funding Options

How would you like to receive your money? You can receive your lottery payments or annuity funding by check or wire transfer.

Client First can get you cash for your lottery payments.  A Client First Consultant can help you determine what you need to fulfill your dreams for the future. Call TODAY at (888)794-9430.  

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